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Press Release

Established in 1969, FPSC is one of the oldest and most well-established clubs in our region. The historic boundaries of the Club coincide with the boundaries of Franklin Pierce School District. The FPSC Select Fury Program celebrates its 10th year and is stronger than ever. We remain one of the best values for players of all ages and abilities in our area.

The creative marketing currently being published by WPFC, “Washington United” and PCSA (formerly TPCJSA) about a “lack of Rec soccer in the Puyallup and Franklin Pierce areas” are fictional and misleading at best and appear to be designed to promote their new, business expansion of WPFC. They appear ready to infringe on the established historic boundaries of existing neighboring Pierce County Soccer Clubs due to differing affiliation choices. The existing clubs in these areas: FPSC, PSU, RSA & SGEO, have and continue to offer Recreational, Select and Premier programming as they have for many years. References to “after a year without a youth club providing recreational soccer for this area”, as well as and “reintroduce soccer to Franklin Pierce and Spanaway-Graham next” are all completely and categorically false and misleading statements designed to confuse and mislead the soccer public. It is disheartening to see the marketing and recruiting machine keep rolling down to the recreational level. This latest move is a creative attempt to discredit existing successful clubs and organizations. If their business model dictates this as a necessary growth step one would hope they could operate with more class, honesty and transparency. We are very confident our member base will ultimately see through the deceptive campaigns and practices being used.

FPSC is affiliated with the PSPL (Puget Sound Premier League) PSRL (Puget Sound Recreational League), and US Club Soccer which provides programming and placement of our existing and future teams at the following progressive levels of player development: Recreational, Copa, Classic, Premier, Super-league, WSPL, NPL, and the PSPL Academy and PDPs. FPSC, along with other neighboring clubs Chose to play in PSPL Leagues and affiliated with US Club soccer due to the lack of competitive programming and leagues with like vs like play, limited travel, as well as a more functional development pyramid for our players while they remain in our Club. We respect that TPCJSA is working on rebranding (PCSA) and improvement attempts after struggling with organizational issues for several years and we applaud their efforts. We feel that the depth of teams, and overall synergy and quality of play is better for development in the PSPL and PSRL Leagues we have chosen for our teams than what PCSA and SSUL are currently able to offer and had offered in the past. We saw those levels being degraded and were able to change our path to one that is more viable for all of our players and their abilities and passions.

PSPL is affiliated with US Club Soccer, US Club programs include PDP, ID2, ECNL and US Club Soccer is affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation. The USSF is the USA’s member organization of FIFA, the sponsor of the World Cup soccer games.

US Club Soccer: http://usclubsoccer.org/

US Soccer: http://www.ussoccer.com/

US Soccer Federation: http://www.ussoccer.com/

FIFA: http://www.fifa.com/

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