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Fury Program

Recreational Program

Goalkeeping Academy

  • Washington Cup Champions- Fury B01 Black
  • Washington Cup Champions- Fury B04 Black
  • Washington Cup Champions- Fury G04 Black
  • Washington Cup Champions- Fury G07 Black
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Established in 1969, FPSC is one of the oldest and most well established soccer clubs in Pierce County. The Club is registered with the state of Washington as a non-profit organization under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States.

The purpose of FPSC is educational and the Club shall embrace the following goals: To teach and develop a "love of the game" of soccer among our youth; To teach, train and develop; players, coaches, referees and administrators for the betterment of the game of soccer; To teach and develop through the game of soccer; sportsmanship, physical health, mental alertness and fair competition.

The objectives of FPSC are: To develop, promote and govern the game of soccer among affiliated teams within the boundaries of FPSC; To establish an administration to govern and direct the functions, operations, business and all activities of the Club; To encourage interested volunteer adult leadership to share their time and effort on behalf of the program and to offer training in this regard; To provide a vehicle through which juveniles will expand their education and knowledge of the game of soccer beyond that which each might do individually; To provide a program of well organized, competitive athletics helping to develop the physical, emotional, and social stability of the juveniles; To represent this Club in matters of organized Youth Soccer in our area, PSPL, and US Club Soccer.

The FPSC Fury Program celebrates its 12th year and is stronger than ever.  Based in Tacoma WA, Franklin Pierce Soccer teams play in the Puget Sound Premier League (PSPL) with most of our teams in the WNPL or WSPL division.  

In 2017, we had 5 League Champions, 3 State Champions, 3 Regional Champions, 3 teams went to Nationals and 1 to the NPL Finals. Visit the Trophy Case to see some of our past accomplishments.The historic boundaries of the Club shall coincide with the boundaries of Franklin Pierce School District.


 • Players First™ represents our club’s commitment to placing the long-term interests of each individual player at the heart of every decision in structuring, operating, and managing our club.

• Players First™ represents our club’s commitment to providing a holistic approach in player development for all of our players, recognizing that the soccer experience must include lessons and opportunity both on the field and off.

• Players First™ represents our club’s commitment as professionals in youth development to expect ongoing learning, education and development from all of our staff members in order to ensure that our players have the benefit of best-in-class information and resources in teaching and training young athletes.

• Players First™ represents our club’s commitment to engage with and educate parents to help them understand and embrace the appropriate expectations and roles for them in their child’s overall soccer and athletic development experience.

FPSC Fury is committed to the following Pillars of Development

Club Development:
Soccer clubs are the foundation on which American soccer will maximize growth and long-term success on the field. Players First provides an array of resources to aid in the growth and development of clubs.

Coaching Development:
Clubs should encourage their coaches to continually seek out new educational opportunities, and Players First provides resources to help coaches to grow.

Player Development:
Players First provides tools to clubs and coaches to encourage their players to individually invest in their own development.

Parent Engagement:
Players First provides a framework for parents to understand how to value their child’s soccer experience, replacing the reliance on match outcomes, which has served to hinder proper player development methodology.

Player Health and Safety:
Players First provides resources to help clubs and coaches better ensure the health and safety of their players. US Club Soccer believes Player Health & Safety is its first and foremost responsibility to members.

2019 FPSC Annual General Meeting

December 22nd, 2018
Time: 700pm
Location: 8604 112th Street East  Puyallup, WA. 98373


Quick Links

Offside Rule Explanation

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