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College Advisory

PSPL Winter ID Camp Jan 26-27

PSPL Winter ID Camp January 26-27

PSPL Winter ID Camp January 26-27 2019

FPSC College Information Night

11/18/18 @ 6:00pm at the Puyallup Best Western Conference Center

Paula Bishop, Financial aid advisor, will explain Financial Aid for the first 45 minutes, and Gary from VSI will follow her for an addition 45 minutes.

Paula Bishop, CPA
Financial Aid for College Advisor

Gary Whitehouse
College Advisor
Varsity Student Institute (VSI) 

The College Educational Services Company
12360 NE 8th Street #100
Bellevue, WA 98005
Cell: (425) 922-2617

Helping athletes reach their goals of playing at the college level. Whether your goal is to play Division 1 or Division 3, to attend school on the East or West Coast, the information on our pages is designed to give parents and players essential information to help navigate the process. Additionally the club holds two college information seminars (summer & winter) where families can gain valuable insights.


College Fit Finder link to FP Soccer Fitbox instructions and log in

College Fit Finder link to FP Soccer Fitbox instructions and log in

2018 Announcements!

FPSC is proud to announce partnerships for 2018 with both Hudl and College Fit Finder. Please see more information on the tabs in the drop down menu.

These new partnerships will help our High School aged players to better connect to the collegiate level and find a college that’s fit just for them!  As we strive to engage players, parents, and our own staff in the development and recruiting process, the club is providing these robust tools to EVERY High School age player/family in our Club!


College Fit Finder and FPSC Fury Partnership

Press Release 3/23/2018 

Franklin Pierce Soccer Club is excited to announce our partnership with College Fit Finder for our High School age groups in an effort to further assist our players in connecting them to the collegiate level.

As we strive to engage players, parents, and our own staff in the recruiting process, the club is providing this robust tool to EVERY High School age player/family.

The College Fit Finder provides our players with a competitive advantage over a typical student-athlete navigating the recruiting process. This comprehensive system allows for individuals to take ownership of their future by equipping them with tools necessary to find a home at the college level. As a club, we are committed to not only player development, but truly being a catalyst in helping our players fulfill their dreams of playing collegiate athletics and accessing higher education. The College Fit Finder will provide uniformity to the club's recruiting efforts and will allow for our coaching staff to take a much more personal approach in helping our athletes throughout the process.

We look forward to facilitating the recruiting efforts of every family looking to play at the next level.

Welcome to our College prep page

Earning a College Scholarship and playing at the next level will require effort and planning on your part.

We have assembled several tabs on drop down menu to help with the most common FAQ's.

College soccer coaches DO NOT focus on "High School" Soccer games to recruit. The best resources are at Showcases, ID Camps and Online platforms where they can see multiple players at one location against quality competition.

We will discuss ID Camps, Showcases, and several helpful resources and links for your consideration including our exciting and robust partnerships with College Fit Finder and Hudl which are new for 2018!

Many College programs will hold College ID Camps. Typically 1-2 day events including campus tours, lectures and training. They can help in your selection process while Coaches identify and connect with recruits.

Many soccer players/parents mistakenly believe just by attending a showcase tournament they will be discovered by a college coach. This approach will sadly limit the athlete's college options. A showcase will have over 1,500 players. It is impossible for a college coach to randomly identify athletes in one weekend.

Unless the player is an absolute soccer star (-1% competing at the ODP National or Regional level) the amount by which you are recruited is not based solely on your ability as a player but also on your ability to market yourself effectively to a pool of colleges that realistically fit your academic and soccer potential.

Prospective Student Athletes need to take ownership and do these things regardless of what team or club they play for. Your best bet is a little proactive effort on your part. Less than 3% of athletes are recruited and the majority of those are due to marketing themselves.

Spend time communicating, attending camps and showcases, and getting good video clips AGAINST quality teams, Communicate well and often and market yourself to prospective coaches. Find a good fit to match your Academic goals and athletic strengths. This is your biggest advantage when done correctly.