Mod and Rec Team Guidelines

No coaches or spectators may be located within the 18 yard box or behind the goal.

Every child on a Rec or Mod team shall play at least 50% of the game.
Every person/assist coach/parent who is actively working with your team MUST HAVE a completed/approved Risk Management Form on file and with them at all times. This will be accomplished when you register as a coach/volunteer with FPSC each year.
Your behavior will set the trend for the parents/players around you, make it something to be proud of. Referees - treat them with respect! If you have an issue with a particular ref, please email your complaint to our referee coordinator. Do Not take it out in an unsportsmanlike manner during/after the game.
You are responsible for your behavior, your players' behavior and your parents' behavior. Please keep this in mind. The referee will be penalizing you for their actions.