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Tryout Information

Established in 1969, FPSC is one of the oldest and most well-established clubs in our region. The historic boundaries of the Club coincide with the boundaries of Franklin Pierce School District. The FPSC Fury Program celebrates its 12th year and is stronger than ever. FPSC Fury teams play in the Puget Sound Premier League (PSPL) with most of our teams in the WNPL or WSPL division.  Visit the Trophy Case to see some of our past accomplishments. 

FPSC is proud to announce partnerships with both Hudl & College Fit Finder

These new partnerships will help our High School aged players to better connect to the collegiate level and find a college that’s fit just for them!  As we strive to engage players, parents, and our own staff in the development and recruiting process, the club is providing these robust tools to EVERY High School age player/family in our Club!

2018/2019 Fury Tryouts are Complete

FPSC Fury Teams - Looking for Players

The following FPSC Fury teams are looking to add a few more highly dedicated and motivated players
to round out their rosters.
Please contact the coach if you are interested in setting up an evaluation.

   Fury G00 Black   - blair.grant@fpsoccer.org 
Fury G03 Black  - christopher.slattery@fpsoccer.org

 Fury G05 Black   - dan.goter@fpscocer.org 
Fury G06 Black - kawamuratrevor@yahoo.com
Fury B07 Black  - coachkbg@comcast.net
       Fury B06 Black  - rachel.davis@fpsoccer.org
Fury B08 Black  - charles.warren@fpsoccer.org


Girls Birth Year Tryout Dates Black Team Coach
Birth Year 2008 (GU11) COMPLETED Leonel Lopez
Birth Year 2007 (GU12) COMPLETED Mark Nelson
Birth Year 2006 (GU13) COMPLETED Trevor Kawamura
Birth Year 2005 (GU14) COMPLETED Dan Goter
Birth Year 2004 (GU15) COMPLETED Christopher Slatttery
Birth Year 2003 (GU16) COMPLETED Christopher Slatttery
Birth Year 2002 (GU17) COMPLETED Curt Bowdish
Birth Year 2001 (GU18) COMPLETED Chris Kettman
Birth Year 2000 (GU19) COMPLETED Blair Grant


Boys Birth Year Tryout Dates Black Team Coach
Birth Year 2009 (BU10) COMPLETED Chris Kettman
Birth Year 2008 (BU11) COMPLETED Charles Warren
Birth Year 2007 (BU12) COMPLETED Ken Griffith
Birth Year 2006 (BU13) COMPLETED Billy Davis
Birth Year 2005 (BU14) COMPLETED Leonel Lopez
Birth Year 2004 (BU15) COMPLETED Blair Grant
Birth Year 2003 (BU16) COMPLETED Nick Edgecomb
Birth Year 2002 (BU17) COMPLETED Trevor Kawamura
Birth Year 2001 (BU18) COMPLETED Denis Hillius
Birth Year 2000 (BU19) COMPLETED Oscar Cerna

Playing Up in Age

You must dominate your age group and be an impact player at the next age group for it to be allowed. Both the Executive Director and Director of Coaching must approve. All players must tryout at least one time in their natural age group and the older age group before it will be granted to play-up. No exceptions.

adidas is the official uniform sponsor for all Franklin Pierce Soccer Club teams and will be purchased through Soccer West. Click the link below to see the official uniform combination that are part of the standard uniform kit for 2018-2020.


2018-2020 Uniform Preview

If you have any questions regarding any of the FPSC Fury Premier teams please direct them to 

Christopher Slattery, Executive Director

Curt Bowdish, Director of Coaching