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Varsity Student Institute

FPSC and Varsity Student Institute (VSI) have announced a strategic alliance to provide FPSC players and families with the information and tools they need to assist them in planning for college. 

“For many students and families, access to information about college is limited because they don’t know where to start,” said Gary Whitehouse, Coach/Advisor of VSI. “We make it easy for students and parents to understand the college recruiting process and what they need to know in order to find and apply to the right college,” Whitehouse added.

Among the services to be provided to FPSC families, VSI will coordinate and moderate an informational seminar. Seminar topics will include a presentation on the facts and reality of the college search process for the serious student-athlete and what every family needs to know about financial aid. VSI will make available team and individual meetings to our teams or players.

"Many of our players dream of playing soccer in college, and working with VSI will allow us to help them achieve their goals, VSI is well-respected among college coaches throughout the nation, and we are excited to be working more closely with Gary and his staff. We believe our agreement represents a great opportunity to provide more value-added services to our players and families.”

About Varsity Student Institute:

VSI provides innovative and insightful educational resources, tools and programs for student athletes, their families and coaches to help them better understand the college identification and selection process.  VSI both challenges and encourages the student-athlete to take the primary role in his or her own college search process.  The VSI staff consists of college coaches, high school coaches, guidance counselors, ex-college athletes, ex-professional athletes and parents that have all been involved with the college selection and recruiting process. For more information, please visit http://www.go-vsi.com.

VSI has successfully worked with other clubs in our region such as Crossfire & WPFC.


We show the student-athlete the right way to do self-recruitment to enhance their college selection.