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FPSC College Night 2017

FPSC College Information night happens a few times each year. For 2017 FPSC Partnered with VSI.


Welcome to our College prep page

Earning a College Scholarship and playing at the next level will require effort and planning on your part.

College soccer coaches DO NOT focus on "High School" Soccer games to recruit. You will rarely see a College coach recruiting at a high school game unless they are following up on a previously established relationship. The best resources are at Showcases, ID Camps and Online platforms where they can see multiple players at one location against quality competition.

We will discuss College ID Camps, Showcases, and also list several helpful resources and links below for your consideration.

Community, Junior Colleges and up to Division 1 will hold seasonal or annual College ID Camps. Typically 1-2 day events including campus tours, lectures and training. They can help in your selection process while Coaches identify and connect with recruits.

We suggest attending camps for schools that are of interest to you beginning in 9th or 10th grade, Check websites or email the coaching staff. This is a great way to check out in-state schools and look for a good fit! Your Club Coach will also send you details of camps that he hears about from college coaches.

Once you identify programs of interest go to their page and look for a "prospective student athlete" or recruiting questionnaire. Completing these should get you on their *mailing list and signal your interest to them and can keep you informed of important dates in their program. (*receiving bulk mail does not mean you are being recruited.)

Your team should attend College Showcase tournaments to play against other top teams.

Many soccer players/parents mistakenly believe just by attending a showcase tournament they will be discovered by a college coach. This approach will sadly limit the athlete's college options. A showcase will have over 1,500 players. It is impossible for a college coach to randomly identify athletes who meet their requirements in one weekend. How to get the most out of your showcase? Email the coaches in attendance who may be a good match for you, send them your profile, and tell them about your specific interests in their program. Give them game schedules and ask them to come watch you play. Make sure to gather short quality highlight clips of yourself playing against strong competition and add a link to them on your profile or start a youtube page. Start early as it is harder than you think to get good highlight clips. It is best to have pointers and labels of yourself on the video edit

Unless the player is an absolute soccer star (-1% competing at the ODP National or Regional level) the amount by which you are recruited is not based solely on your ability as a player but also on your ability to market yourself effectively to a pool of colleges that realistically fit your academic and soccer potential. The rest of the content on this page will help guide you in this process. 

Prospective Student Athletes needs to take ownership and do these things regardless of what team or club they play for. Save money & spend it wisely on the things that matter. Some clubs will lead you to believe simply playing for them will help your college dreams but they are not being fully honest with you. Focus academically, save your money for college or invest it in the G.E.T. program. Your best bet is a little proactive effort on your part. Less than 3% of athletes are recruited and the majority of those are due to marketing themselves.

Spend time communicating, attending camps, and getting good video clips AGAINST quality teams, Communicate well and often and market yourself to prospective coaches. Find a good fit to match your Academic goals and athletic strengths. This is your biggest advantage when done correctly.

Academics & Academic Aid

Academic Aid

The greater an athlete’s academic achievements, the more college options he or she will have. Many colleges offer academic aid to students who meet certain specific standards. To attract a player to his or her program, the college coach will likely try to include as much academic aid as possible into the athletic package. The earlier a qualifying academic aid student commits to the school, the more likely the coach will be able to obtain the available aid for the player.

Many parents boast to friends that their son or daughter was recruited to play college soccer and received a scholarship. The reality is that the majority of college soccer players are receiving money because they qualified for academic or other merit aid.

Be realistic with your expectations, will you be on the team or actually get significant playing time? Maybe the school would have you play but isn't at all a good fit for your Academic plans.

Recruiting 101

What you need to know and what you need to do to get started!


NCSA Athletic Recruitung

Build Your Recruiting Profile in the NCSA Athletic Scholarship Network

Playced Recruiting

Recruiting Tool

Top Drawer Soccer

Another good Resource for managing the recruiting process,

Reality about D1 athletes

Reality about D1 Recruiting

1 bad tweet or instagram can be bad!

don't let one tweet ruin your chance of being recruited!

Benefits of DIII and NAIA Universities?

Benefits of DIII and NAIA Universities?

College Fit Finder

College Fit Finder

College Soccer Connector

College Soccer Connector, connecting you with opportunities!

More Important Than Talent by John O'Sullivan

More Important Than Talent by John O'Sullivan